Kingdoms Of Daniel

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Kindoms Daniel 2 Daniel 7 Daniel 8 Daniel 11
Babylon Head of Gold Lion, wings plucked
Medes & Persians Breast & Arms of Silver
one side higher than the other
one horn higher than the other
verse 1-2
Greece Belly & Thighs of Brass
4 heads
4 wings
4 horns
4 winds
verse 3-4, winds
Legs of Iron
East & West Rome
Dreadful Beast
Iron teeth
Pagan Rome
Little Horn rising
verses 9-10
verse 20-22
raiser of taxes
Prince of Covenant broken
Feet of Iron & Miry Clay
clay=little horn
Little Horn
Papal Rome
Little Horn
verses 10-12
verses 23-45
Abomination of Desolation
Judgement Stone cut from Mountain Judgement set, books opened Cleansing of the Sanctuary Michael stands up, Dan12:1