Timelines Consolidated

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508 Roman Catholisism becoming the official religion in the Kingdom of the Franks. Significant is that the work of the priestly mediation is now done by men, obscuring the administration of Yeshua in heaven.
538 In addition to the religious power of the Roman Catholic Church, the civil power of pagan Rome transitions to the church as well.
1798 General Berthier marched to Rome, entered it unopposed on 10 February 1798, and, proclaiming a Roman Republic, demanded of the pope the renunciation of his temporal authority. Upon his refusal, Pius VI was taken prisoner an died in prison on 29 August 1799.

The “Daily”

Often referred to as the “daily sacrifice” in the bible, the “daily” or in Hebrew, the “tamiyd” is the term used for the daily activities in the tabernacle or temple. These activities occur either in the courtyard, where the slaughter of the animal took place, or the administration of the blood in the Holy place for the remission of our sins.

After Yeshua died on the cross as our final sacrifice (courtyard), He ascended to Heaven to administer His own sacrifice for the remission of our sin in Heaven: the earthly sanctuary was transitioned to the heavenly sanctuary. His administration in Heaven, first revolved around the Menorah (The Churches), the Table of Shewbread (The Seven Seals) and the Altar of Incense (The Seven Trumpets).

So what happened to our “daily” ?

Israel, as the Church of God in the Old Testament, becomes the Body of Yeshua in the New Testament: physical Israel is now spiritual Israel, where ALL believers in Yeshua are now part of the Olive Tree, the Church of God under Yeshua.

Also the “daily” transitions. As Paul, Peter, Timothy, Titus, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John are emphasising in the New Testament epistles and gospels, our “Daily” consists of the following:

  • reading the Bible: without Wisdom, we remain fools.
  • prayers, each request should be made known to God, with thanksgiving.
  • embracing the Faith of Yeshua: His Faith that His Works will set us free. It is a promise.
  • keep the commandments, repeated 25 times in the New Testament.
  • spread the Gospel.
  • spread the Word, engage in community learning of the Bible.
  • worship God, build a relationship with Him directly.

Is the probation of the Gentiles (2000 years) occurring after Pentacost or sequentially following the probation of Israel (Stoning of Stephen) ?
We don’t know. We’ll see.

If it is following Pentacost in 28AD, the 2 Day Prophesy ends in 2028, otherwise it will be 2033.

See 70 Weeks for additional details.

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