P7X Events

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Source: Planet 7X

Year Event Scripture
3678BC Cain Gihon Flood Jasher
3348BC unknown
3017BC Enoch is taken Gen 5:24
2685BC unkown
2349BC Noah’s Great Flood Gen 6,7,8
1985BC Tower of Babel, Sodom & Gomorrah Gen 11, Gen 19
1794BC Joseph of Egypt, 7 year famine Gen 40,41,42
1518BC Exodus of Egypt Exo 10-15
1463BC Joshua’s Long Day Josh 10:11-13
1342BC Job’s trouble, Ruth & Naomi (1335BC) Job & Ruth
1045BC David & King Saul 2 Sam 24-15
687BC Nineveh, Hezekiah, 185.000 Syrians killed Jonah, 2 Kings 20:11, 2 Kings 19:35
336BC Haggai’s 2nd Temple Haggai 2:22
27AD Jesus’s Crucifixion, 3 hours of solar eclipse Matt 27:45
312AD Constantin’s Cross in the sky
707AD Mayan’s drought
1054AD Chinese Guest Star
1456AD Paintings
1697AD Paintings
2022-2033 future Revelation Seal 6 & 7