Yeshua’s Ministry

Name Reference Timing Details
Tiberius Ceasar Luke 3:1 12 – 37AD, co-reigned with his father from 12 – 14AD
Emperor of Rome
1st year = 12AD
15th year = 26AD
Pontius Pilate Luke 3:1 26 – 36AD governor of Judea
Herod Antipas Luke 3:1 4BC – 39AD tetrarch of Galilee
Herod Philip Luke 3:1 4BC – 34AD tetrarch of Iturea
Lysanias Luke 3:1 ? tetrarch of Abilene
Annas Luke 3:2 6 – 15AD, deposed by Rome still regarded as ‘High Priest’
Caiaphas Luke 3:2 18 – 36AD, appointed by Rome Official High Priest
Passover Lamb Exodus 12:5 male, firstborn, unblemished yearling lamb, ~ 1-1.5 years Yeshua’s Ministry was 490 days: Daniel 9:24-27
Leviticus 1:13,15,17
Numbers 4:3,30
Luke 3:23
starts at age 30
The acceptable year of the Lord proclaimed
Luke 4:19
Isaiah 61:1-2
One year From the sermon in the Synagogue of Nazareth until the Ascension
John 6:4 was inserted by a corrupted scribe (not John)

The year 26AD can be confirmed by 2 biblical references:

  • 69 weeks or 483 years from the Decree of Artaxerxes in 458BC (458BC + 483 years = 26AD)
  • it was the 15th year of Tiberius’s reign, 26AD (see above)

Yeshua was 30 years of age when He started His Ministry, as a Prophet and a Priest.
It was the priest (in the Old Testament) who took the offering to the altar.
It was in the year 26AD, the 15th year of Tiberius’s reign.
The Ministry of Jesus took 490 days from His baptism (26AD) until Shavuot (27AD).
He was crucified on a Wednesday, in the middle of the the 63rd week of His Ministry.
His crucifixion was during passover in the year 27AD, in the twilight hours of the day,
as it was dark from the 6th to the 9th hour, from 12:00 – 15:00.
He needed to be the Firstborn and a yearling to qualify as the Passover Lamb.
His Ministry did not last 3.5 years (Daniel 9:24-27, 70 weeks)

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Decrees Given

Decree Year Ordains Bible reference
Decree of Cyrus 538BC to rebuild the temple 2 Chr 36:22-23, Ezra 1:1-4, 5:13
Decree of Darius 520BC to rebuild the temple (Cyrus’s Decree confirmed) Ezra 4:24, Ezra 6:1, 6-12
1st Decree of Artaxerxes 458BC to rebuild the city of Jersusalem Ezra 7:7, Ezra 7:11-26
2nd Decree of Artaxerxes 444BC to rebuild the city wall Nehemiah 2:1-8

Daniel 9:25 refers to a decree to rebuild Jerusalem, it can only be the first decree of Artaxerxes issued in 458BC.