Alpha & Omega

Genesis Revelation
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth – Gen 1:1 I saw a new heaven and a new earth – Rev 21:1
The darkness He called night – Gen 1:5 There shall be no night there – Rev 21:25
God made two great lights – Gen 1:16 The city had no need of the sun or of the moon – Rev 21:23
Satan appears as the deceiver of mankind – Gen 3:1 Satan disappears forever – Rev 20:10
A garden is shown into which defilement entered – Gen 3:6,7 A city is shown into which there shall by no means enter … anything that defiles – Rev 21:27
God’s walk with his people is interrupted – Gen 3:8-10 God’s walk with His people is restored – Rev 21:3
The initial triumph of the serpent – Gen 3:13 The ultimate triumph of the Lamb – Rev 20:10 & Rev 22:3
God multiplies sorrow and pain – Gen 3:16 And there shall be no more pain – Rev 21:4
Cursed is the ground for your sake – Gen 3:17 And there shall be no more curse – Rev 22:3
Man’s dominion is broken in the fall of the first man, Adam – Gen 3:19 Man’s dominion is restored in the rule of the New Man, Yeshua – Rev 22:5
The first paradise is closed – Gen 3:23 The new paradise is opened – Rev 21:25
Man is disinherited from access to the Tree of Life through Adam – Gen 3:24 Man’s access to the Tree of Life is reinstated through Christ – Rev 22:14
God ….drove out man from his presence – Gen 3:24 And His servants … shall see His face – Rev 22:3,4
A bow: God’s promise – Gen 9:13 A bow for conquering and rembrance – Rev 4:3, Rev10:1
A bride for Abraham’s Son – Gen 24 A Groom for Abraham’s Seed – Rev 19
Nimrod founds Babylon – Gen 6 – 9 Babylon is fallen – Rev 17, 18
Man in God’s Image – Gen 1:26 Man in Satan’s Image – Rev 13
Waters called seas – Gen 1:10 No more sea – Rev 21:1
A river for earth’s blessing – Gen 2:10-14 A river for New Earth – Rev 22:1
One choice in the beginning: Adam and Eve must obey the one commandment to not eat from the tree of good and evil, the mark of the beast (dragon) One choice in the End of Days: Man must obey the Laws of God and not accept the law of man: the mark of the beast
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