Ten Plagues

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  1. The plagues are described in Exodus 7 to Exodus 12
  2. The plagues are introduced with the serpent contest
    • Plague 0
    • The plagues are intended to show that God is LORD
  3. Column Warning: Pharaoh is not warned for plagues 3, 6 and 9
    • all other plagues are executed with a warning: let my people go or you will feel the concequences
  4. Column Magician copied: the Egyptian Magicians are able to copy the plagues until the sandflies: after the sandflies plague the Israelis are no longer affected by the plagues
    • the first 3 plagues hit the Israelis too: God needs to make his presence/power known to them as well
  5. Column Pharaoh doubts: Pharaoh shows twice to be unsure whether to let the Israelis go
  6. Column Duration: in the current composition the plagues take 33 days to unfold
  7. Column Israel affected: from plague 4, Israel is no longer affected by the plagues. Whether plage 6 affects them is derived end deducted from:
    • Umbrella verse: Exo 8:23 And I will put a division between my people and thy people: to morrow shall this sign be
    • The Egyptians are affected
    • When Moses throws the ashes up, the Magicians and Egyptians are directly affected, Moses and Aaron are not
  8. Column Applied to: the description how and where the plague will be applied
  9. Column How Pharaoh’s Heart Hardened: how the bible described how Pharaoh’s heart is hardened
  10. The last plague occurs at the passover feast (14th day of the 1st month) and/or is the first description of this feast in the bible.
    • The ten plagues unfold in late winter/early spring, right around the Spring Equinox.

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